Tips & Essentials for a Nursery

One of the most exciting and nerve wrecking things to prepare during your pregnancy is the nursery. You get both inspired and overwhelmed by the creativity of Pinterest and Pin-away, hoping to achieve what (let’s be honest) INTERIOR DESIGNERS have set up for photo shoots. You dream of the perfect room for your precious baby but once you look over your registry, have your baby shower gifts scattered at home, and hit your trimester, you’d be happy just having the crib set and diapers ready. Oh, and a good chair. Make sure you get a good chair for the nights!!!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 9.53.12 AM.png

As any woman, I want the best for my baby. But I also don’t want to go broke overdoing it with things I really don’t need. Also I’d like to find the best prices if possible.

Here are a few TIPS on preparing your Pinterest nursery and where you can find great deals.

BabyList is a great site to set up your nursery registry. With BabyList you can add anything to your registry from any store as well as a checklist and suggestions. One of my favorites to add where items from Amazon to get the best prices.



Where I got my….

Dresser : Golden Pineapple


Iron Bed Frame: Amazon


Bedding: RHBaby&Child


Luxe Knit Bear Collection: RHBaby&Child


Metal and Wood Wall Storage (Bookshelf): World Market

World Market

Accessories, Wall Storage, Tins, etc.: Michaels


I promise you it’s not the end of there world if you can’t make things Pinterest perfect. Remember to be kind to yourself. You just spent the past month creating and nourishing a little human. That takes a lot. And the most important thing is making time for them more than a room. Trust me!

It’s not about your agenda as much as it is theirs. You are making them feel safe in this world. 

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