10 Closet Essentials That Made Grandma’s Clothes Look Good

I love fashion and I enjoy a good challenge.

I was sewing a skirt with my Abuelita (grandma), having a nice bonding moment, when she eagerly showed me some of her outfits she use to wear in the days when she use to go out. When I say eagerly, picture a cute grandmother taking little steps qickly, moving frantically, excited and proud, showing me shirt after shirt and waiting to see my respose. She wanted to see if I liked them as much as she did. Well, with her stuck at home most of the time and needing some entertainment outside of Abuelo (grandpa) I decided to accept my own challenge and wear her clothes for an entire week proudly. Looking it over I realized this could work with just a few extra items from my closet. Luckily these are items most women carry in their closet and my challenge was to prove anyone can make an outfit rock with some basics.

Closet Essentials
  1. Skinny Jeans

  2. Black Pumps

  3. A Pair of Booties

  4. Fun Hair Piece

  5. Black Pants

  6. Sunglasses

  7. Solid Color Cardigan

  8. Belt (that fits both your hip and waist)

  9. White Shirt

  10. Pencil Skirt

  11. BONUS: Confidence in your natural beauty and a fun attitude.


The challenge was a success and a lot of fun. One of my favorite parts was watching my grandmother light up daily seeing me update her wardrobe and wear her clothes proudly.


SECOND BONUS: Soon to come: a photo shoot with women of all shapes and sizes testing this style challenge. If you would like to be a part of it and live in the Los Angeles area leave me a comment below and add a fun photo of you enjoying your own style. Models will be chosen October 11th.

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