Scavenger Hunt Date Idea

Scavenger hunts for 2 couples or more.

To add to the experience choose a location locally that has a variety of unique shops and is pleasant to walk. Examples: Downtowns are great for this as well as thrift shop streets, shops near the beach, and small town centers, to name a few.

What you will need:

  • Your date (your partner)
  • Camera (to document your finds)
  • Your scavenger list

Here’s a good place to start. Download your free scavenger check list.

To make it even more interesting, arrange a time limit and meeting spot with the couples. Look over the photos and see who has all or most of the items on the list. If anyone has the same photo it becomes discarded from the points. Winning couple gets dinner/dessert/ coffee paid for. Whatever the budget is.

Here are a few photos from our scavenger hunt:

Leave me a comment with photos of your scavenger hunt and experience. I would love to hear from you.

Happy hunting.

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