7 Essentials to Creating a Welcoming Coffee Bar

7 Tips to creating a welcoming coffee bar.

Both my husband and I share a love for coffee and tea, as well as welcoming our guests to enjoy in its splendor. Moving into our new home we wanted to make sure there was a coffee bar that did just that –  welcome guests into a cozy room and enjoy a cup of awesomeness.

It’s a great station and easy for anyone to do.

To create your own welcoming coffee bar there are 7 essentials you need, no matter the size of your bar.

  1. Table/Counter top/dresser. This will depend on the location of your bar, size, and vision. You can have it on your kitchen counter, create a vintage look with a rustic dresser, or use an entertainment center (as we did), just to name a few.
  2. Coffee Machine. This is self-explanatory. It’s a coffee bar so of course you need a coffee machine. My husband is a coffee master so having all forms of coffee-making is a must at our bar. And for me, I love my tea so I make sure there is a section for my tea kettle and tea set to share with friends.
  3. Mugs. Make them fun, classy, urban, whatever represents you and your personality.

    My husband & I made our his and hers mugs that look like us.
  4. Storage or shelves to hold your mugs. We chose to install small wooden IKEA shelves and we loved how they came out. I recommend storing your mugs in the open area so that your bar welcomes your guest with “A cup is waiting for you.” Be creative. Have fun.
  5. Condiments. Stock your bar with the essentials such as sugar, honey, cream, stir sticks and/or spoons. Fun ideas for storing them: mason jars, tin cans, glass jars. Find what matches your style.
  6. Coffee & Tea choices. Stock up on what you love and what you would love to serve your guests. Every trip my husband and I take we include a stop at a local coffee shop and tea shop stop to stock up on a fun flavors and unique tastes. Right now my guests and I are enjoying a coconut chai tea I picked up near Yosemite (Time to restock on that now. It’s amazing).img_3044
  7. Coffee/Tea inspired art. This brings your vision all together. Be creative or visit stores that have already done that for you. Etsy shops (for a personal look), Hobby Lobby  (buy or create your own look), and World Market (unique urban looks) are 3 of my favorite places to shop if I don’t have the time to create. Make it a point to show your personality and style in your art choice. This creates the welcome your guests feel while serving themselves a cup of coffee/tea.
    Found a window frame on the street and created individual coffee/tea themed pictures out of craft paper sold at Hobby Lobby.


Have those basic 7 and you’re in business. You will have a coffee/tea bar that welcomes your guests to a cup of awesomeness. Depending on the size and your vision you can add other things such as coffee makers, tea pots, baskets, etc. I added a dessert tray that is always filled with sweets for my visitors.

Just don’t clutter!

Have fun and message me ideas you have, would like to see, and photos of your own coffee bar.


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