Our Family is Growing

There are those that say they are waiting to have children after they get a few ducks in a row. As I have soon learned, you never really do. You can have, maybe, the budget saved to the side and the items needed for the baby, but the emotional and life change… well that, you have to roll with as it goes.

We found out just a month after our miscarriage that our family was growing. Our BIG REVEAL at the end of our first Trimester landed exactly on Halloween.

There was excitement just enjoying the idea of our family growing. Then there was disbelief. I started thinking maybe my period was just really late and I was getting fat. Not until we first heard the heart beat did we begin believing there was a baby growing in me. And then of course comes the ultrashound where you actually see a little human.

OH MY GOSH!!!! We’re going to be parents. We are 2 big kids who got married and are now adding another child to the home. Well, this will be interesting.

As I quickly learned, the emotions will come and go, especially as you cross some beautiful bridges (the baby’s first kicks, your bump not being mistaken as fat but cute and pregnant, excuses to not suck in anymore for a photo, and playing the baby car
d where ever you go with food and special treatment, etc.) <– Milk it when you’re there. If you have to carry the weight for 9 months you might as well feel like a queen doing it.

We had our big reveal on Christmas Eve with the family and found out we are having a boy. (to see our reveal check out my Instagram). Welcoming little Elias Epic Parrish early May 2016.

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