Best Proposal Ever

Being both actors, I couldn’t have asked for a more epic proposal. He contacted my manager (which he had never met), wrote an audition script and actor’s breakdown for an audition I would die for, rented out a theatre, brought in some actors and vuala… made this happen:

The moment I heard his voice I knew exactly what was happening. I froze, and in a quick second realized every detail was set up and planned by him. There was a live jazz band playing behind the curtain. The lights were dimmed and Christmas lights sparkled above our heads. He made it magical and so very memorable.

The moment he told me it was my grandmother’s ring

I think my body was frozen and shocked that this was really happening and that he did all this for me.

 My grandmother’s ring

Acrtors and friends that helped pull off this amazing proposal

 He gave me the moon. One of my favorite movies is A Wonderful Life and he quote Jimmy Stewarts line on giving Mary the moon. The ring was inside in a treasure box.

Calling my family on the east coast. They new I was praying to get this part all week. Now I was able to say I got it. Best role EVER.

After he proposed, the doors opened and friends and family came in to celebrate with us. We had our engagement party there and we shared the story on how he did it.

We went out for dessert to celebrate alone and discussed, finally, plans for the BIG Day. Looks like we’re planning it 6 months from now. I can’t believe I found whom my heart longs for. What a blessing.

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